Stress-Free AWS Infrastructure Management

Manage all of your AWS Infrastructure from a single view

View and Control within a Single Pane of Glass

Manage & Organize Backup

AWS Instances, Volumes, Amazon RDS Databases, DynamoDB, Aurora and RedShift Clusters - all within the same interface.

Take Control of AWS Mission-Critical Infrastructure

Create new backup jobs, schedule backup jobs, perform restores, view backup logs, enable replication, and set retention policies.

Built for Scale

CDSB multi-tenant model serves clients of any size. The tenancy model supports IAM roles and credentials for secure cross-account access.

Maximum Flexibility with IAM

Configure role-based access to your multi-account AWS infrastructure using the built-in constructs of tenants, roles, and users. AWS accounts can be distributed among tenants, while users of each tenant have limited role-based access.

Maintenance Script Scheduling

Automate Updates and Patches

CDSB provides the capability to create PowerShell and Shell scripts.

Schedule Scripts

Automate any task by running scripts whenever you need to.

Stay Secure

CDSB helps you stay aware of the latest operating system and application, security updates, and patches, to ensure your data protection is up to date and can be restored with little to no rework.

Manual and Scheduled Instance Control – Start, Stop, Reboot, Terminate

Easily Manage Instances

No need to jump into another third party tool or the AWS Management Console.

Instance Controls

Including start, stop, reboot and terminate are built-in features that simplify updates and patching.

Advanced AWS Instance Cost-Saving Scheduling

Efficient Scheduling

Save time and money by managing when AWS instances are scheduled to be on and off.

Instance Stop and Start Actions

Automate through an intuitive interface.

Email Alerts and Reports

Comprehensive Information

Cloud Daddy supports a robust set of alerts, notifications, and reports including daily backup job summary, push notifications about backup/restore job completion and email notifications.

Seamless Integration & Delivery

Cloud Daddy utilizes Amazon’s Simple Notification Service (SNS), providing seamless integration of native AWS services for alerts and notification delivery.

Cloud Daddy Secure Backup (CDSB) is built on a 3 pillar foundation of data backup and protection - All within one dynamic platform

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Advanced Security

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Infrastructure Management

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